Mark Stannage in 1974 at the age of Four years old got a Evil Knievel wind-up toy for Christmas ever since then he  wanted to become a stuntman. At the age of fourteen Mark's school teacher said to him,     "You  will never be a stuntman, you need a real job, a better job, not a stuntman".

Mark always knew from being a young boy he wanted to be a stuntman, Mark decide to do a project about stuntman by the name of Rocky Taylor, a famous stuntman who had worked on many Hollywood movies and had just had a very serious accident whilst working on a  Death Wish Film.  Once Mark had finished the project he was walking to school checking it for mistakes, Mark was not concentrating on the surroundings  and wandered onto the road, where he was  knocked over by a car. Whilst Mark was in hospital with a broken leg, the doctor came  to his room  to  tell him he  had a visitor. A man walked into the room,  and introduced himself as  Johnny Carr, it turned out that Johnny Carr was the driver of f the car that had hit Mark, he also turned out to be a professional stuntman living near Mark in Doncaster.

Mark failed his school project because he was not able to  hand it in on time, however  Mark started to work with Johnny in 1984 at the age of 14 years old, travelling all around the UK  performing Stunt work and learning the craft of becoming a professional stuntman.  

Just after Mark turned  17  he joined another stunt team  "James Dylan's Stuntworld". Where  Mark forged a life long and great friendship with team leader James Dylan.

Working with "James Dylan's Stuntworld started doing bigger and better stunts such as  motorbike jumps,  crashes, car crashes, high falls, fire runs in fact most of the stunts that Mark performed used some element of fire or explosion. With " Stuntworld"  Mark was travelling the world doing what he did best and building his foundations on becoming a true stunt entertainer, O-yes and proving his career teacher wrong.  

In 1991 along came  Janine, Mark and Janine married not long after and was blessed with a son  Aaron.

Aaron Stannage started riding at the age of 3 on a Maliguti 50cc bike, unable to reach the floor special stabilizers were made for the bike. Aaron performed his first ever stunt in front of an audience at the tender age of 3 with a stunt called the Tin Foil Smash. Fast forward 13 years,  and thousands of stunt shows all over the world, Aaron Stannage is now one of the youngest stunt performers in the UK today,  performing on various TV shows and music video's. 

Now at 21 years old Aaron has over 18 years experience as a stunt performer, is a holder of a Guinness World Record and performs some of the most dangerous and spectacular stunts ever seen .